Thursday, August 12, 2010

the times they are a changing

summer has become a mass of satin and taffeta. not for valeries wedding, but for Meryl's store. funny how things go.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

it continues

my love affair with quilting and stitching continues. I look forward to summer so that i can create my daughters wedding gown, 3 flower girl dresses and two beautiful christening outfits for my grandchildren. i find peace in the sewing studio and am so blessed to have it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


when joe was expecting Ava I piddled around with what kind of quilt to make her. i put together a couple simple ones, Wizard of Oz, alphabet, butterfly,,,, but i couldnt settle on just what kind of grammy quilt she should have. then she was born and we wrapped her in soft flannel and minky and she was too little for a "real" quilt anyway. but, then she picked up her first book and read the pages of Olivia with her grandpa George. Waa Laa! the idea for an olivia quilt was born. then I saw one on the share my quilt site and went on the fabric search. Ava's Olivia quilt came to life quickly and so sweet! we keep it here because I dont want it to get rolled up in a ball somewhere, and she plays on it and chews on it and rolls around on it every time she comes to see grammy and poppop. i told joe he could take it to day care but instead he took the wizard of oz quilt -- no worries, grammy is with her.

and now we have baby ryan on the way. Taresa, in true love her momma fashion, has requested that I make his crib bedding. Yay! but that leaves no room for piddling around, I have to make some fabric decisions soon~! his nursery will be a nautical theme so thats my inspiration, cant wait to get it started, and am very excited that Ryan will be wrapped in grammy love from day one.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have never dreaded Christmas. It has always been my time -- trees in every room, holiday elves hiding around the house, Baby Jesus' birth....but not this year. I dread the thought. dad is sick, very sick, will he live til Christmas? who knows. he made it to his birthday yesterday, 81 years old. my god, 81. but he is sick, wheezing, tired, pretty much confined to his chair. and tired, very tired.and valerie is struggling . I think , Im pretty sure, shes eating well, and not purging, but she and drew are struggling. they moved so fast, they have so much going on, and he is becoming more and more possessive and she is reverting to old behaviors -- flirting, acting immature, and now, a new bonus, drinking daily. my god. she came to the house last nite, make up smeared on her face, so damn sad, so damn scared, and just hugged me for a half hour or so. then got up, straightened her hair and went back to the apartment. i slept on the couch, both phones at my head, just in case. great. christmas. Great.and joe is pregnant. beautiful fiancee who spends money like it is water, and is the most stubborn woman I know -- and he is trying so hard to be strong, and loving, and the "man of the house" and what will I do about mom? and Rose has let Eric back into her life. and george has no idea where to start or what to do. neither do i. i dont remember ever feeling quite this strung out and hopeless. when valerie was in the depths of bulimia, i was terrified. when dad has been sick before i was sad, very sad. but now, between val and dad and joe and rose and mom and george and everything -- i just feel overwhelmed and hopeless. shit. i hate whiny women.and then there is my taresa. who knows if she would even tell me if she was worried or scared about something at this point. I know she senses my fear and pain and doesnt want to burden me. i hope she is ok. i hope she and gregg are as happy as I think they are.this just sucks. and im not sure where any of it is going. im scared, and george keeps telling me I have to be strong and be there for everyone who needs me, im not sure i can.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby brigade

jake D a dad. my goodness. made him a little quilt, hope he loves it!

man, I love to sew

I sometimes forget how much i love to sew. i spend a lot of time knitting these days, its portable, I can work in the family room ( you know, so I can watch my husband sleep) and with a granddaughter on the way I have lots of excuses to work with yarn, but every now and then the opportunity presents itself to sew, and sew I do!

I have a little shop on Etsy -- mommarocksstash. silly name, but pretty appropriate. anyway,Ive had 2 sales -- woo hoo. one, a sea urchin shaped pillow that sold when we were on hatteras, and just this week -- a custom order for 4 how the grinch stole christmas stockings. I tell myself that someday I will be a ble to make some sort of living selling my things, but Im not getting any younger, so that probably wont happen, but none the less, when someone actually pays me to make something I get pretty worked up.

so I went to the fabric store and the craft store, probably spent more than I will make on the sale, rumaged through my shelves and bins for greens and reds and teal and purple, and set to work. Oh man, fun fun fun. Its like being in the zone -- fabric and texture and threads, the sound of scissors cutting through fabric -- man I love to sew. finished two today, am just pleased as punch with them. Will try to get the other two done this week, I have a million ideas in my head as to how I want them to look, Ill probably end up making some for us.

sometimes i forget the joy of making something from nothing, of seeing it in my head then seeing it in my hands.

someday, maybe, Ill be able to spend hours and hours each day doing this. right now tho, every now and then will have to do.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

can you say LAZY???

so, I was putting together a really simple baby bargello. beautiful shades of lilac and lavendar, some white on white hearts. so cute I couldnt stand it. So, I got lazy. didnt pin quite enough, may have made some on the bias cuts...oh my/ sewing the strips together got me a little dizzy. I added some three dimensional butterflies, next Im going to add some appliqued flowers -------probably a bias cut vine or two. So, this little easy bargello, that I got lazy on , is going to be more work than if I had done a 9 point star. dummy.